Monday, 27 January 2014

What is a MARK?

marks are the building blocks of any drawing so what is the mark?

Impression/imprint/line/point/record/scar/score/signature/spot/stain/stamp/streak/symbol/autograph /blaze/blot /blotch /brand /bruise /check /cross /dent /dot /ink label/logo/nick/pock /register / representation /scratch/sign /smudge /splotch /stroke/tag/ticket /trace /trademark / underlining 

العلامه هي وحده البناء في فن الرسم ولكن ما هي العلامه

 الانطباع / بصمة /خط /نقطة /سجل /ندب /توقيع/ بقعة/ وصمة/ ختم/ خط/ رمز / توقيع حريق/ لطخة/ بقعة/ كدمة/ تحقق / عبر / غور نقطة /حبر/ ملصق/ شعار/ شق/ بثرة/ تسجيل/ التمثيل/ خدش /علامة لطخة/ بقع / بطاقة/ تذكرة/ أثر/علامة/


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Drawing under the influence of Cello

Drawing under the influence of Cello /ink on paper
الرسم تحت تاثير صوت التشيللو

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Drawing as Sound response

Over the last couple of weeks I was really exploring the possibilities of drawing as a sound response.
if drawing could be an immediate physical expression of emotions, and a could happen as a natural consequence of body movement, it makes me curious to see the impact of different sounds on my movement and how it will effect what I draw.
I did over a hundred drawings though a wide range of music that I love from Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina to the songs of Pearl Divers from the Arabian Gulf
I can't really tell you any thing yet but here is some of the work,,,enjoy

خلال الاسبوعين اللي فاتوا سيطرت عليَ فكره الرسم كاستجابه للصوت.
لو الرسم مجرد نتاج تعبير شعوري جسدي فوري, فمن المثير للفضول ان نبحث في كيفيه تفاعل الجسد مع الصوت و الموسيقي
رسمت اكتر من ميت ورقه تحت تاثير موسيقي في غايه التعدد و الاختلاف , من بيللاسترينا لاغاني غطاسين اللؤلؤ في الخليج العربي
اليكم بعض النتاءج




Thursday, 16 January 2014

Requiem /A day with Mozart

This work I produced two days ago while listening only to Mozart Requiem , trying to explore the relationship between drawing and movement as and how it corresponds to sound#

يوم مع موزار

رسومات امبارح عملتها علي صوت جناءزيه موزار, كجزء من بحثي في علاقه الرسم بالحركه و كيفيه استجابتهم للصوت


Main Concerns

These are my Current main concerns about my artwork specifically about my drawing practice.  I would like to share them with you as a start of an ongoing conversation.

The mark is the building block of any drawing.

Every mark has speed, direction and power. Together, they create the energy of the mark.

The energy of a drawing subsequently, is the collective energy of the marks that have gone into making it.

Harmony is the holy grail, and it depends only upon the relationship and interaction between the marks on any given surface.

Sometimes I sound like a scientist or a mathematician when I talk about drawing. I find drawing to be the emotional and sensual manifestation of mathematics.

Art is an interaction with the elements that could lead to producing a statement. In drawing, these elements are the medium, the instrument and the surface.

For example, using a wide range of brushes allows me to apply the same ink to the same paper in so many different ways.

Mark making is the foundation of both drawing and writing. That is why a mark can express and communicate shared human emotions.

I do not sketch or pre-design any of my pieces. Every drawing is a unique experience and part of this experience is the nature and the size of the surface.

I draw my marks as living forms. I want them to look alive and I want them to feel alive. I want them to carry human emotions.

Making a mark is an interaction of body movement with the medium, the instrument and the surface.
Therefore a drawing sometimes feels like the outcome of a dance.
I do not work on subjects anymore. Even when the drawings do express a subject, this is not intentional: I start with mark making and that usually over time takes me into a creative trance.

In my work I fear Repetition. Repetition is death for any artist.

I did not set out to be a performance artist. What happened is, I knew that mark making had a hypnotic effect on me. But then I started to notice that just watching me making my marks had a hypnotic effect on those who came often to visit my studio. And then when I thought about it I said “WHY NOT?” Maybe its just like a drum beat that has a hypnotic effect on both the drummer and his audience.

My New Blog

This blog is to keep you updated with my current work, as in the last few months I feel like I really departed from many of the things i have been doing over the last 10 years. It's not that i reject what i have been doing as much as i am trying to focus on my current concerns. My website is still available and my old blog Nazir Tanbouli Egyptian artist in London will continue to exist for updates about exhibitions and general talk. this blog is for more specific talk about the ideas around the works i am developing now.
if you are interested in following these processes, please follow this blog Almofakera ...

Let me start by sharing with you some of the points that concern me now;  there will be detailed talk about different parts of these points in the future, in relation to the art i am currently developing.